Monday, April 8, 2013

New version of NLog released

In July last year, Jarek came with the announcement, that he would stop actively developing NLog and needed someone to take over. I thought it would be shame if one of the best logging frameworks for .NET died, so I started developing and maintaining.

This was half a year ago, and the last release were almost 2 years ago, so now it is time for a new version of NLog, version 2.0.1. This is purely a bug fix release, so everyone using NLog, should be able to upgrade to the new version.

For those interested in what has been fixed in v2.0.1, take a look at milestone 2.0.1 on GitHub. The new release can be downloaded from NuGet.


  1. NLog 2.0.1 does not work together with Sentinel! NLog does.

  2. Just updated a couple of projects via NuGet. Thanks Kim, good to see someone looking after this project.