Sunday, January 24, 2010

Default Infobright ICE exporter patch

When you export files in the current Infobright version, 3.3.0 and earlier. There are some things you should be aware of. The default exporter are the standard MySQL exporter, but this exporter are not compatible with the default Infobright importer.

For example if you do this, you may run into problems, because of the differences in the exporter and importer:
SELECT * FROM infobrightTable INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/outfile.txt';
LOAD DATA INFILE '/tmp/outfile.txt' INTO TABLE infobrightTable;
Currently there is a bug report about this here. Unfortunately, you'll have to create a user to access the contents.

As described in the bug report, and in other places, you'll have to set the BH_DATAFORMAT session variable to txt_variable, to use the Infobright exporter by default, otherwise you'll may run into format compability problems.

The 'default' exporter will only be used if you are accessing Infobright tables, therefore in my opinion the default exporter should be the Infobright exporter, defined by BH_DATAFORMAT=txt_variable, but at the moment it isn't.

To work around this I've created a very simple patch, which does exactly this. What this patch does is that instead of using the default MySQL exporter, when the BH_DATAFORMAT variable aren't defined, it uses the Infobright exporter instead.

The patch file can be download at the bottom this post, and works for the current version 3.3.0. It has to applied to the file src/storage/brighthouse/core/RCEngine_tools.cpp directly.

Patch file for 3.3.0:
DefaultTxtVariable.patch (1 KB)

Patch file for 3.3.1:
DefaultTxtVariable331.patch (1 KB)

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