Monday, January 25, 2010

Default Infobright ICE NULL string patch

One thing about Infobright that annoys me a lot, are their exporters default way to indicate NULL values, which is nothing, NULL are indicated by no character. This poses a viewability problem when fields are terminated by for example tabs, then you cannot easily see the null values.

To get around this problem you can use the session variable BH_NULL, and set it to fx. the default MySQL way, \N. But this has to be done for every session/connection.

As I did not want to do this, I created a trivial patch which sets the default NULL string to \N, as in standard MySQL.

The patch can be downloaded below, and has to be applied in the root of the Infobright source files, and works of Infobright 3.3.0.

Patch file:
DefaultNullStr.patch (1 KB)

UPDATE: The patch also works for ICE 3.3.1

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