Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Infobright ICE exporter LINES TERMINATED BY patch

In all current versions, newest 3.3.0, of Infobright you cannot define LINES TERMINATED BY when exporting data to a file. Well, you can define it but it isn't used when the Infobright exporter are used.
The default line terminator are \r\n, which works great, but sometimes you want to use another line terminator, which are not supported in any of the current versions of Infobright.

There are currently two bug reports concerning this, and

This patch fixes this, it works in Infobright 3.3.0 and allows you to define LINES TERMINATED BY like this:
SELECT * FROM ibtest INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/outfile.csv' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'
The patch has to be applied at the root of the Infobright source.

Patch file:
exporterLinesTerminated.patch (8 KB)

Patch file for ICE 3.3.1:
exporterLinesTerminated331.patch (8 KB)

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