Thursday, February 25, 2010

Infobright ICE ini settings

The brighthouse.ini file contains all Infobright specific settings. But what settings are actually available, and what do they do? When I looked at the source code, I saw settings I had no idea existed.
The list below applies to ICE 3.3.1.

Default value: 2
Used when the loader heap can't hold the all the data, and defines the size of the buffer. The size can be calculated like this LoaderMainHeapSize / BufferingLevel.

Default value: "cache"
As the name implies this defines the location of the Infobright cache folder.

Default value: 1
Used to define the type of caching level used on the uncompressed heap. If the value are 1 or 2, Infobright removes data packs which aren't used from the heap, if it runs out of space. This is not done if the value are anything else than 1 or 2. If this isn't enough or another value are defined, it tries to release memory and it tries to compress the data and move it to the compressed heap.

Default value: ""
This points to the Infobright license file, and are only used in the IEE evaluation edition.

Default value: 2000
The maximum size of a data file, in MB.

Default value: 0
Enables control messages, which usually needed when investigating performance. The value 2 enables it, values above 2, enables it and also produces timestamps.

Default value: ""
Only used on non-Windows machines. Used to specify the location of a memory mapped file containing the server main heap. If the setting aren't defined, no memory mapped file are used, instead it is placed directly in memory.

Default value: false
Used to print FET - Function Execution Times - to a log file called development.log. Only used if compiled with --with-FET.

Default value: BH_RSI_Repository
The folder containing the Knowledge Grid data.

Default value: 99
If the value are 0, Knowledge Grid aren't used. values above 0 enables the Knowledge Grid, but doesn't seem to do anything else in ICE.

Default value: 320
Size of the memory heap in the loader process, in MB.

Default value: 16
Number of parallel load threads. Only used in IEE.

Default value: true
Enables or disables Engine Condition Pushdown. Should not be disabled.

Default value: 256
Size of the compressed memory heap in the server process, in MB.

Default value: 600
Size of the uncompressed memory heap in the server process, in MB.

Default value: false
Used to enable or disable UTF8 support. As this isn't fully implemented in the current version, 3.3.1, it shouldn't be enabled.

Default value: false
Allows queries to fallback to standard MySQL execution if necessary.

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